Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Miracle Baby..

Poted by Mrs. Ezral

24 weeks of pregnancy is a big achievement for both of us.. only 10 weeks more to go before the baby is matured enough to be delivered.. pray to Allah always...hope that my baby will strive hard enough to wait until 37 weeks of delivery to make sure no other complications..

yesterday checkup..alhamdulillah my baby is sehat but a bit problem wit my air ketuban yg berkurang atau saintifiknya oligohydramnios. Less than normal and if the water become lesser maybe kene deliver awal..i'm worried so much. nothing we can do to increase the water level becoz it comes naturally. ada gak melalui pembacaan untuk tambahkan air ketuban ni kita kene minum air banyak2, minum air zamzam n air kelapa muda.i'll try it my best as i can. Allah Maha Berkuasa..Moga suksess hendaknya.. InsyaAllah.. I know i have to be strong so that my masih dalam kedudukan rendah tapi as long as i bedrest..InsyaAllah harap semua berjalan lancar...frenss pls pray for me n my baby healthy k..esok nak g 4d scanning di ins alor star to check further on baby..

oh my promise to my beloved hubby.. my 4 in 1 convertible baby cot is on the way..ahaksss..white in color n matress, bolster n pillow case in set.i bought it from lil whiz online. just wait n see..


afdni said... kes aku jek..air ketuban kurang, tu yg kene ceaser..hopefully semuanyer slamat yer..amiinnnn..

CintaMelya said...

kak is.. pekaba.. jaga kesihatan kak is n baby bebaik yer.. miss u...