Wednesday, July 1, 2009

31 weeks of pregnancy..and my beloved hubby yang bz gilersss

Posted by Mrs. Ezral

Alhamdulillah .. dah 31 weeks of baby is very strong.. chaiyook .. chaiyokk... perut pon dah besar lagi n rasa tak larat jer .. my hubby lak bz gilerrr ngan sambutan siswa baru UniMAP .. so i've to be so tolerate .. wake up early for my hubby to prepare me before work .. stay up late at nite waiting him to come back home.. be a very good listener when he need support .. tambah2 lagi bila dia tengah hangin satu badan .. chill hubby!! :)..what i can give just a warm hugs and kisses ..

i'm a bit boring but still ok .. actually my hubby has bought me about 15 magazines cost rm200..just to make sure that i'm not boring waiting for him .. thanks hubby for the effort .. it helps but i think facebooking is more helpful.. hahahah ... actually during the days our life is not as our ordinary days hubby keep asking me for my forgiveness becoz he can't take care of me like always he's ok my dear..i understand.. dah berapa hari dah blood pressure n glucose test tak sempat amik.. but it's ok.. bila dah mss abis nanti.. tuan doktor please do ur job ok!!!hahaha.. i love u so much dear ...

Oh iykin .. i like ur quotes la ... "we don’t live in this world to find a perfect person to love but to learn to love an imperfect person in a perfect way” .. it's absolutely true dear ..


hani said...

kak is..tak lama dah. minggu interaksi siswa abis 5 julai nie..

7's baby said...

u know i will be reading this! hiks hiks.. chaiyook baby!!! alhamdulillah my prayer is with you and baby!

hiks hiks yeah.. quotes tu memotivatekan diri di kala masalah melanda.. :)