Wednesday, July 8, 2009


POsted by Mr. Ezral

Last friday, when Dr. Ngee scanned our baby, he tried to do 4D scan to ensure everything is OK and SUDDENLY... our baby show her face. Eventhough Dr. Ngee only successfully captured half of her face, we are really happy.. and happy... and happy to see her face... We really love you baby.... It looks likes she try to say ... " Wait for me aaa mummy and papa....".... hehehhehe....

Can you spot where is the baby face...???

Note: This pic is dedicated to Abang Amir, Kakak Anis, Uncle Jimi and Auntie Puya at Finland... Just 6 weeks to go... (middle of August 2009)


hani said...

nampak dah!..hehhe
chaiyook kak is..:)

haku ko said...

the baby is sleeping! :)

roziyana said...

wah..bestnye, baby tunjukkan muka masa scan..
mesti x sabar nk tgk die nnti kan..
sy doakan is selamat melahirkan baby nnti..