Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My frenss visit

My UniMAP Colleague is the earliest group of guests who came to our cute condo .. We're enjoying ourselves having lunch, bowling and a simple birthday party at the pool .. Happy birthday to Juli n Ku Azira.. !

Thanks to Kak Sya, Kak Has , Kak Aziana, Julie, Jazzy, Mahyun, Dini, Scha Ku Azira and Harnilafor the variety of dishes from lunch till the tea time.. They are so tasty n marvellous..

Eryssa was so happy with Jazman swimming in the pool and playing around ..

Thank you so much to the hubby coz allowed me to join the gang and babysit of eryssa..

Thanks also to the guests who attended .. Luv u guysss ! ..

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